The Griplock Technology 

The GripLock Technology

Patented World Wide

Simplicity on-site
No on-site welding or hard tools, hole drilling or subsequent surface treatment. Just cut profiles to suit and push together, giving you an advantage especially where sitework is costly, from space to subsea.

Aesthetics - Methods of joining is invisible
as compared to welding, popping, nuts and bolts.

Higher strength - Lower weigth
being complementary challenges in product design.

Simplified assembly of objects in diverse materials
such as metals with plastics with wood.

Simplified assembly of hard-to-join materials
such as magnesium, titan and composite materials.

Solid rigidity - in all directions
as opposed to conventional assembly methods

Release systems can be built-in
Release functionality may be built into system designs, without compromising stength.

U.S. Patent no. 5.469.606 and other patents cover the Griplock technology in all major industrial markets.

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